Thursday, November 17, 2011
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It has been a while since I wrote in any blog at all. When I was editing my settings, I had to dig my brains to remember how to edit the HTML. I used to be so good in this things. ):

I'll start by introducing this awesome song I have found this morning. It is an original by Tyler Ward feat Hugo Kurt - The Hardest Thing. Enjoy.

Moving on.. I started my holidays already! yay! So until March, I'll be looking for jobs around, bumming, working, playing around, etc. So far, my holidays have been great! Even before my holidays started, I already started to have fun.

I went to Hennessy Artistry on the 12/11/2011 and it was super awesome! Thanks to MTV Swag, I got to win the tickets. (: Here are some pictures.

I have joined some competitions and hopefully I will win them. :D One of the things that I really want to win is the Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Event. Like Hennessy Artistry, it is only by invitation only. I look forward to it. Also, I would want to win and go see Pitbull! So many events this coming Dec and I can't wait for all!

Tomorrow night, I will be going to watch Kings and Queens Comedy Asia thanks to Fly FM for giving away complimentary tickets.

Will update tomorrow night or so after Justin Chua's birthday party..

Joanne aka Togepii

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